Well, Frieda has gone and after once again setting up a makeshift hospital to treat people rather than actually doing it properly and it that was only a matter of time before she was sacked or walked out.

It also finally came out that Ange was Dom’s mother which 99% of the audience had guessed already thanks to the massive freaking hints they had been dropping.

Jac Naylor was busy oozing authority first by giving sleazy Cameron a warning who let’s face it was more interested in hookups than actually doing his job and then she tried to discipline Freida who defiantly said no and quit.

Frieda LEAVES.jpg(Picture: BBC)

A pushy guy tried to get his sick girlfriend to have an abortion but was quite rightly told no it was her choice this nicely tied into Ange’s storyline who seemed to spend the first half of the episode following Carole around the hospital.

Also Sacha you dark horse where did those baking skills suddenly come from? and I feel robbed of a good friendship that could have developed between Zosia and Frieda and still no Lofty even on Dom’s birthday.

By Eastieoaks

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