Pobol Y Cwm Spoilers: 2nd September – 5th September 2019

This Week on Pobol Y Cwm


Mae Jaclyn yn pendroni beth i’w wneud pan daw ar draws gif amheus o Tyler gyda disgybl.

Aiff Sioned i weld y Jonesys i ofyn am faddeuant.

Mae dyfodol Tyler fel athro yn y fantol wrth iddo gael ei alw i weld Gaynor.

Cred Brenda y dylai Jim fynd i weld y doctor.

Mae ymddygiad hwylus Britt yn peri gofid i Colin wrth iddi gynnig iddynt fynd i wersylla.

Mae Hywel yn cynllwynio i herio perthynas Rhys a Ffion.

Mae Kelly’n cwestiynu Sara am ei theimladau tuag at Dylan wrth sylwi ar sbarc rhyngddynt.

Aiff pethau o ddrwg i waeth i Tyler.


Jaclyn questions what to do when she comes across a compromising gif of Tyler and a student.

Sioned seeks forgiveness from the Joneses.

Tyler’s future as a teacher is in jeopardy as he’s called to Gaynor’s office.

Brenda suggests that Jim goes to see a doctor.

Colin’s worried by Britt’s excitable behaviour as she proposes that they go camping.

Hywel hatches a plan to test Rhys and Ffion’s relationship.

Kelly questions Sara about her feelings towards Dylan as she notices a spark between them.

Things go from bad to worse for Tyler.

Pobol y Cwm airs Monday and Wednesday at 8pm with a double bill on Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on S4C English and Welsh subtitles catch up with Omnibus on Sunday with on-screen English subtitles and also available via Iplayer.

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