Rownd a Rownd spoilers: 29th October – 31st October 2019

This Week on Rownd a Rownd


Mae Sophie mewn cyfyng-gyngor ar ôl i Dylan gynnig iddi hi a’r plant symud ato i fyw; anodd yw trafod gydag eraill gan nad oes unrhyw un yn ymwybodol o’u perthynas!

Wrth i Aled gynllunio i adael, mae Barry’n rhoi pwysau arno i aros. Mae Jason dan bwysau gwahanol wrth geisio rhedeg y Tŷ Pizza heb staff.

Cael awyr iach ac ymarfer corff yw nod Mathew a Iolo wrth iddyn nhw baratoi i fynd i fynydda ond mae Elen yn drysu eu cynlluniau.

(Picture: S4C)


Sophie’s in a dilemma after Dylan offers her and the children to move in with him; discussing with others is difficult as no one is aware of their relationship!

As Aled plans to leave, Barry puts pressure on him to stay. Jason is under a different kind of pressure as he attempts to run the pizza house without any staff.

Mathew and Iolo aim to get some fresh air and exercise as they prepare to go mountaineering but Elen disrupts their plans.

(Picture: S4C)

Rownd a Rownd airs Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30 on S4C with catchup on BBC Iplayer and S4C Clic

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