Soap rant of the week

TV dramas and soaps come with many moments you often say what the fuck. Here is where I rant at the soap moments of the week I feel were a let down.

So in EastEnders we had the big Leo reveal who after creeping around the square like the stink after a fart took Whitney to a posh hotel in London and wanted answers on what really happened to his dad Tony.

The biggest surprise was actually seeing a shot of London after that it all went to crap.

(Picture: BBC) This whole thing turned into a major let down

I was expecting a big showdown and with Callum on his way to rescue Whitney a punch or two. But nope nothing after getting a bit shouty Leo legged it before anyone got close to him.

Talk about an anti-climax.

(Picture: BBC) Seriously Leo just fuck off

Come the end of the week sir creeps-a-lot was back stalking the square in broad daylight yet nobody saw him.

Another let down in Walford this week was Rainie’s return with a surprise for Stuart and despite looking like she was high as a kite still the surprise wasn’t the pregnancy some fans were expecting but a rather disappointing looking tattoo.

(Picture: BBC) Tattoo Fixers anyone?

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