Adrian Chiles makes a song and dance of learning Welsh in Iaith ar Daith

Adrian Chiles extinguishing a candle with his feet while folk dancing? Singing in front of a castle sporting a traditional Welsh lady hat? And what about that night in the flying saucer? And what on earth happened to all his pants?

Yes indeed, you can see it all on Iaith ar Daith (Welsh Roadtrip), Tonight, Sunday, 10 May on S4C as the well-known TV and radio presenter from Birmingham goes on a special journey to learn Welsh.

Adrian is the only one of the five celebrities on Iaith ar Daith – including Carol Vorderman, Ruth Jones, Colin Jackson a Scott Quinnell – who wasn’t born in Wales.

So, his friend and mentor the BBC Radio One journalist Steffan Powell, takes Adrian on a road trip not only to learn the Welsh language but also to learn more about our history and traditions.

Adrian is by no means a stranger to Wales – he spends every spare moment on the Gower – an area he loves after spending many happy childhood holidays there.

“I just can’t overstate how much I love being in Wales, being on Gower, in particular. I want my ashes spread on one of the beaches there!”, said Adrian.

“It just feels plain wrong to spend so much time in Wales and not have some knowledge of Welsh. You end up like one of those ex-pats, living in Spain and never learning a word of Spanish which just seems wrong to me.”

Wales is famous for castles and singing – and Adrian gets to do both when he learns the words to the old folk song ‘Hen Fenyw Fach Cydweli’ (The Old Lady of Kidwelly) and sings them outside the town’s famous Castle – wearing a Welsh lady hat.

And what about the night in the flying saucer and the mystery of Adrian’s missing pants? Well, all will be revealed in Iaith ar Daith on Sunday, 10 May. The series comes to an end on Sunday, May 17 with Scott Quinnell and mentor Sarra Elgan’s trip.

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