If Fflam on S4C has got you hungry for drama then you are in luck as a second helping of new, original, drama begins on Sunday, March 21.

Bregus (Fragile) stars Hannah Daniel (Cerys in Un Bore Mercher) and tells the story of Ellie, who seems to have it all – the perfect husband, daughter and close-knit group of friends. The unbreakable gang are all in their mid-thirties. They depend on each other, they’re a family.

But what happens when tragedy strikes and unleashes demons in Ellie that threaten the façade of her life and even the core of her sanity.

Hannah Daniel (Cerys in Un Bore Mercher/Keeping Faith) (Picture: S4C)

“Bregus is a story about a woman whose life everybody wants, but who has a secret that, if she doesn’t learn to control it, will take away her sanity and destroy her. It’s a really meaty thriller that hopefully people can get their teeth into.”

Catch Bregus from Sunday, 21 March, 9.00 on S4C and Clic.