Monday 15 March 2021 – Episode One

Leanne announces to Simon that she’s going to ask for her job back, get an advance on her wages and pay Harvey off. But when Imran refuses to give her an advance, and Nick can only loan her 1k, Leanne masks her panic. Approaching Harvey’s car with trepidation she hands him the £1k, telling him she’s Simon’s Mum and that’s all he’s getting. Harvey makes it clear he wants the rest or he’ll put them in hospital. Leanne’s shaken. Back home she assures Simon that everything is sorted and Harvey is off their case. But as a relieved Simon heads off, Leanne pulls a bag of drugs from her handbag!

Monday 15 March 2021 – Episode Two

Leanne receives a text from Harvey with the details of her first drugs drop. At a seedy flat, a menacing bloke ushers her in while he checks the pills. Eventually released, her heart pounding, Leanne fights back tears. Back on the street Nick demands to know what’s going on, convinced she and Simon are hiding something. Leanne fobs Nick off but having taken a call from Harvey informing her that he’s lined up her next drop, a despairing Leanne realises she’s trapped and there’s nothing she can do.