Tonight in Shieldinch… Dylan is shocked when his bail-breaker brother Cameron makes a dramatic return; Amber’s devastated to discover she’s not a donor match for Rory; and Angus’ relationship with Rebecca is fast-tracked, thanks to insensitive comments by Kim.

Dylan is stunned when a mysterious figure comes out of the shadows – Cameron’s back. Having broken bail, Cameron claims he only wants to make things right, but Dylan can’t hide his anger at being framed as a stalker.

Slowly, Cameron manages to gain Dylan’s sympathy. He seems contrite, but acts like he’s the victim, hinting Eve is to blame for his behaviour.

Dylan begins to soften towards Cameron, little realising he’s the latest victim of a master manipulator. Worse still, a vengeful Cameron secretly has Eve firmly in his sights.

(Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Amber is crushed to discover she’s not a donor match for Rory. Fearing the odds are stacked against her brother, Amber commiserates with Paul, who offers his help.

Lenny confides in Eve about the precarious position Rory is in, unsettled by the news about his son’s rare blood type.

Rebecca makes herself at home in Angus’ flat, but Kim isn’t keen on the living arrangements. When Kim questions how long she plans to stay, Rebecca fears her lies will unravel.

Angus confronts Kim about making Rebecca feel unwelcome, refusing to listen to her concerns. Instead, he sees it as a catalyst for change – Rebecca and him should get a place of their own.

  • Director – Davie McKay
  • Producer – Kevin McComiskie
  • Writer – Jillian Mannion


  • David Paisley as Rory Murdoch
  • Frances Thorburn as Kim O’Hara
  • Frank Gallagher as Lenny Murdoch
  • James Allenby-Kirk as Paul Ames
  • Jamie Marie Leary as Rebecca Samuel
  • Jenny Hulse as Amber Murdoch
  • Jordan Young as Alex Murdoch
  • Michael Wallace as Cameron Christie
  • Scott Fletcher as Angus Lindsay
  • Sean Connor as Dylan Christie
  • Victoria Liddelle as Eve Christie

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland