Tonight in Shieldinch… business is dire and Stevie fears he’s losing control; Rebecca spins more lies about her life when she’s cornered by Scarlett; and Eve’s shocked to discover her reputation is being trashed online.

At the Two Jailbirds, Stevie worries about the lack of business as Tyler makes his criminal plans known. Sonny offers his support but his tentative questions about Stevie’s mental health backfire and he loses his temper. They settle their differences and Sonny frets about the depth of Stevie’s despair – this is about more than just money worries.

Things go from bad to worse when Stevie spots Sonny and Eve chatting, wrongly assuming they’re gossiping about him. Humiliated and raging, Stevie gives them both a piece of his mind, but is stung when Eve answers back.

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Elsewhere, opportunist Scarlett persuades Rebecca to give her a haircut. Rebecca does everything she can to dissuade Scarlett, who is adamant she wants a complete restyle. Cornered, Rebecca lies that she can see Scarlett has nits, so she can’t cut her hair. It’s the latest in a long line of lies spun by Rebecca.

Eve meets Suzie who is working at the new community café, Molly’s Corner. However, their cuppa is interrupted by news of negative online comments about Doctor Eve. Fearing she’s been trolled, Eve confides in Dylan about her fears it could be the work of Cameron.

Dylan secretly confronts Cameron, who claims he’s not that vindictive, but sees a chance to drive a wedge between mother and son.

  • Writer – Linda McLaughlin
  • Director – Robin Haig
  • Producer – Deb Charles


  • Barbara Rafferty as Bernie O’Hara
  • Cameron Fulton as Tyler Foulkes
  • Iain Robertson as Stevie O’Hara
  • Jamie Marie Leary as Rebecca Samuel
  • Jimmy Chisholm as Sonny Caplan
  • Juliet Cadzow as Suzie Fraser
  • Michael Wallace as Cameron Christie
  • Sally Howitt as Scarlett O’Hara
  • Scott Fletcher as Angus Lindsay
  • Sean Connor as Dylan Christie
  • Victoria Liddelle as Eve Christie

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland

By Eastieoaks

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