Tonight in Shieldinch… lacking other options, Caitlin becomes her own lawyer, much to Maggie’s dismay; Paul’s test to check if he’s a donor match for Rory makes Lenny unexpectedly protective; and Sonny’s chat with Scarlett about his concerns for Stevie backfire badly.

Caitlin prepares to represent herself in court, practising her line of questioning. Maggie is horrified and tells her daughter she thinks it’s a terrible idea.

Terrified of losing Caitlin, Maggie reluctantly supports her daughter’s risky strategy and agrees to be coached through an imaginary trial. The questions make Maggie anxious and she struggles to remember key details about the night of Joe’s murder, causing Caitlin concern.

As Maggie experiences powerful flashbacks, she begins to crumble. To make matters worse, Ellie’s anxiety rears its head as the McLean women begin to wonder if they can keep the secrets of that fateful night hidden.

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Elsewhere, Paul gets tested to see if he’s a donor match for Rory. While Alex is cynical about his motivations, Lenny keeps Paul close, determined to do whatever it takes to save his son.

While Amber believes Paul’s intentions are honest and he loves Rory, Alex remains convinced he’s completely untrustworthy. Left alone with Lenny, Paul quickly realises he’s not been forgiven for kidnapping him. It’s clear he’s only around the Murdoch’s for one reason – to save Rory’s life.

Sonny seeks out Scarlett to talk about his concerns for Stevie. However, when he suggests she’s not paying Stevie enough attention, Scarlett reacts defensively and dishes out a few home truths about Sonny’s parenting skills.

  • Writer – Steph Lloyd Jones
  • Director – Robin Haig
  • Producer – Deb Charles


  • David Paisley as Rory Murdoch
  • Frank Gallagher as Lenny Murdoch
  • Gayle Telfer Stevens as Caitlin McLean
  • Holly Jack as Nicole Brodie
  • Iain Robertson as Stevie O’Hara
  • James Allenby-Kirk as Paul Ames
  • Jenny Hulse as Amber Murdoch
  • Jimmy Chisholm as Sonny Caplan
  • Jordan Young as Alex Murdoch
  • Kathryn Howden as Maggie McLean
  • Leah MacRae as Ellie McLean
  • Sally Howitt as Scarlett O’Hara
  • Victoria Liddelle as Eve Christie

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland

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