Bregus spoilers: Episode Two


Disorientated, Ellie finds herself far from home and from the life that she knew yesterday. In the cold light of day she knows that she must go back ‘ to the husband that loves her, the child that needs her and the friends that are hurting as much as she is. All she wants is to forget ‘ but forgetting isn’t easy when you’re haunted by guilt and shame.


Mae Ellie yn darganfod ei hun ymhell o adre ac ymhellach fyth oddi wrth y bywyd a adnabyddai ddoe. Yng ngolau dydd, mae’n gwybod bod yn rhaid iddi fynd nôl – ond sut y gall hi wynebu’r bobol mae’n eu caru ar ôl yr hyn sydd wedi digwydd’ Anghofio yw’r unig ffordd ‘ ond dyw anghofio ddim yn hawdd pan fo euogrwydd a cywilydd yn eich poenydio i’r craidd.

(Picture: S4C)
  • Writer – Ffion Williams
  • Producer – Ffion Williams
  • Director – Ed Thomas
  • Created by – Mared Swain and Ffion Williams


(Video: S4C)
  • Enfys Eira as Menna
  • Hannah Daniel as Ellie
  • Hedydd Dylan as Bet
  • Rhodri Meilir as Mart
  • Sion Ifan as Ems
  • Sara Gregory as Lucy
  • Rebecca Hayes as Carly
  • Lili Mai Davies as Ellie Ifanc
  • Julian Lewis Jones as Richard

Catch Bregus tonight Sunday, 28 March, 9.00 on S4C and Clic.

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