If there’s one thing to say about S4C it is that they know how to put on a, wtf is happening, type of drama. Yep, this was Bregus the new Welsh drama for Sunday nights, and while you were possibly AC-12 catch bent coppers on BBC One’s Line Of Duty, some of us opted for an altogether different kind of drama.

No corrupt uniformed police in this just a woman, Ellie (Hannah Daniels), who seemingly has it all. The alarms bells should have started ringing because nobody gets to be truly happy without it going to pot.

Bregus airs Sunday nights at 9pm on S4C (Picture: S4C)

As we suffer the on-going effects of the pandemic this was a great bit of escapism with scenes of hugging, closeness and most of all a party with friends. However, this was also the scene of a tragedy when a scream called Ellie to the kitchen where her friend Lucy was unconscious on the floor.

It was during the attempt to save Lucy that we got a glimpse that all was not well – especially when we saw flashes of a young girl.

The effect of this caused a lot of pain for Ellie who ran out (Picture: S4C)

The timeline jumps mean you really need to pay attention and as Ellie ran out of the house and into the night she was met by a as yet mysterious man whose car she got into.

It seems our mystery guy had good intentions, (rare not to be some psycho killer), when he helped her and gave her a bed for the night.

The first episode ended with Ellie once again walking off – this time to a beach and straight out to sea…

So many questions: who is the mystery man? Who is the girl she’s seeing? Will Ellie be ok? And what happens next? Tune into the next episode on Sunday night at 9pm

The drama continues… (video credit: S4C)