As the hospital is forced to lock down, Hanssen has to help Billie deliver her baby alone. Will both mother and baby survive the birth?

As AAU handles the Darwin overflow, Ange notices Madge’s suspicious behaviour. Is Madge the mole about to be exposed?

Nicky is confronted with her demons once again when she caught up in an attack. Will she make it out alive and find strength to be the mother to Juliet she wishes she could be?


  • Alex Walkinshaw as Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher
  • Amy Murphy as Kylie Maddon
  • Belinda Owusu as Nicky Mckendrick
  • Clare Burt as Madge Britton
  • Davood Ghadami as Eli Ebrahimi
  • Dawn Steele as Ange Godard
  • Delainey Hayles as Billie Faber
  • Guy Henry as Henrik Hanssen
  • Kimberley Okoye as Patricia Cole
  • Lucy Briggs-owen as Amelia Ebrahimi
  • Rosie Marcel as Jac Naylor
  • Simon Slater as Russell “Russ” Faber


  • Writer – Ciara Conway
  • Director – Karl Neilson
  • Producer – Debbie Shewell

This episode of Holby City airs February 22 on BBC One at 19:50