Monday 8th August 2022

KELLY FINDS HER FRIEND IN A STU-POR Kelly’s appalled to read on social media about Stu. Zeedan returns from his holiday and Alya brings him up to speed on Stu and how worried she is about the effect the bombshell is having on Yasmeen. Kelly vows to get Stu’s side of the story. Kelly and Aadi find Stu lying in the streets, drunk and barely conscious. Aadi phones an ambulance. At the hospital, when Kelly is informed that Stu’s awake, she is ready to ask some hard questions about his past. Kelly tells Yasmeen that Stu’s in the hospital. Yasmeen appears by Stu’s hospital bed but won’t hear him out. Feeling worthless and insisting Kelly is best off without him, Stu barks that she’s a nuisance who’s not welcome anymore. Kelly leaves, very upset.

RONNIE CATCHES RYAN IN THE ACT Ryan is charged and instructed to attend magistrates’ court tomorrow. Craig confirms the CCTV footage is damning evidence against him. Ryan tells Debbie they should stage fake CCTV footage of a masked gunman forcing him to rob the bistro. Debbie refuses to cooperate. Ronnie catches Ryan trying to fix the Bistro camera himself. Ronnie advises Ryan to accept his punishment.

DAISY FANCIES HERSELF LANDLADY. Jenny’s annoyed at Leo for not discussing the move to Canada with her. Daisy urges Jenny to go for it. Jenny overhears Daisy telling Daniel her plans to run the Rovers in her absence and accuses Daisy of wanting rid of her. 

ELSEWHERE  At No.11, Eileen guesses Sean is pining for Laurence, the handsome dentist he met at the wake. Glenda vows to hunt him down on Sean’s behalf. George admires his sister’s chutzpah while Eileen’s mildly irritated. Spider pays Toyah a visit. Leanne invites Toyah to move in with her at Victoria Court, admitting that Spider told her how lonely she’s been feeling. Toyah thanks Spider for looking out for her.

Wednesday 10th August 2022

YASMEEN GETS AN UNWELCOME VISITOR. Alya departs for her holiday, leaving Zeedan to keep an eye on Yasmeen. Out of hospital, Stu turns up at Speed Daal to speak to Yasmeen. Zeedan sends him packing. Later, Yasmeen arrives at No.6 to find Stu retrieving his watch from his old room. Stu refuses to leave until she’s heard the truth. Yasmeen surreptitiously presses “call” on her phone to alert Zeedan. Having received Yasmeen’s SOS, Zeedan bursts into No.6 with Craig in tow. Craig arrests him for breach of the peace. 

SEAN HAS COLD FEET BUT NICE SHOES George is surprised to find Laurence hanging about outside the undertakers. George informs Sean he’s bagged him a date with Laurence. Glenda and Mary are thrilled, while Dylan reckons he can’t be any worse than Frank. As Laurence waits in the bistro, Sean declares to Eileen, Mary and Glenda that he’s putting Dylan first by swearing off men. Dylan orders his dad to meet Laurence. Over drinks in the bistro, Sean and Laurence get on famously.

RYAN ACCEPTS HIS SENTENCE Ronnie supports Ryan at the magistrates’ court.  As the district judge accepts his guilty plea, Ryan awaits sentencing. 

TOYAH KICKS SPIDER OUT Spider helps Toyah to pack up her flat. Adam snipes at Spider and Toyah in the street, prompting Spider to launch into a tirade. Toyah finds a savings account Imran opened for Alfie. Her feelings of grief rise up and she quickly orders Spider to leave.

ELSEWHERE At a follow-up appointment with Dr Gaddas, Audrey insists that she simply miscalculated her sleeping pills the other week and doesn’t need therapy. Dr Gaddas suggests a course of antidepressants instead. 

Friday 12th August 2022

SPIDER IS SPINNING A WEB OF LIES Toyah hands Abi the details of the savings account Imran set up for Alfie. Toyah finds out that Spider’s been arrested during a protest. Toyah calls at the police station and Spider is released with a slap on the wrist. Toyah leans in for a kiss. Spider reciprocates and allows Toyah to lead him to the bedroom. Later, Toyah’s beset by guilt and asks Spider to leave. Abi calls to check on Toyah and Toyah blurts out she’s just slept with her ex. Abi assures Toyah she’s just grieving. Spider’s happy to remain friends. Leanne’s uneasy to find Toyah in the Rovers with Spider, worried she’s falling for him. Outside on the street, Spider answers his mobile and tells the caller he’s been up to his eyes and can’t wait to get back, what is he hiding?

STEPHEN HAS A CARD UP HIS SLEEVE When Stephen confides his concern for Audrey to Rita, they agree to arrange a treat for her. Rita recruits Roy and Ken to join their posh afternoon tea to cheer up Audrey at Debbie’s hotel. In the cafe, Stephen receives a call from the hotel about the deposit for afternoon tea. In front of Shona and Sarah, his card is declined. Shona and Sarah are amused as Stephen yells down the phone at his Italian bank. At No.8, Stephen pays the deposit over the phone, using a card in the name of Mrs Gabrielle Reid.

YASMEEN DISTRACTS HERSELF FROM HER HEARTACHE. With Stu in custody, Yasmeen organises a charity fundraising event. Yasmeen and Elaine are impressed when Stephen offers to sponsor a raffle prize for their Fundraiser. Elaine’s relieved that Yasmeen has no intention of going on another date with Stephen.

ESLEWHERE Faye informs Beth and Sally that Craig’s researching the menopause obsessively and is now monitoring the nutrition. Craig takes Faye to Speed Daal but produces a chart he’s made, listing beneficial foods so that they can check the menu. 

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