Moira remains anxious about Caleb’s involvement in Kyle’s case. Caleb knows just how high the stakes are but is defensive when Amy and Moira question his methods. Moira’s relieved to be back on speaking terms when Cain arranges a call for that afternoon. But when DS Malik arrives at Butlers, to bring an anxious Kyle back in for questioning, things take a turn for the worse. At the police station, Kyle reaffirms that it was he who killed Al.

Mackenzie’s panicked when Sarah arrives with news of Chloe collapsing and being taken to hospital. Chloe’s surprised when Sarah brings Mack and Charity along to the hospital. Mackenzie’s guilt builds as he listens to the hardships Chloe has been through. Finding a moment alone with Chloe, Mackenzie tries to assure her he’ll do what he can to support her and the baby. 

Rhona attempts to make peace with April when she plans a surprise. An 80’s themed party. 

Proud of her work, Gabby beams when Kim comes by to talk about the brochure she’s been working on.

Things take a turn for the worse. Chloe has been taken to hospital. Rhona plans a surprise. (Pictures: ITV)

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