Next week on Coronation Street, the Rovers Return finds itself in the midst of a financial crisis, leaving Jenny Connor struggling to keep the beloved pub afloat. With declining trade and mounting debts, Jenny seeks advice from various sources, but her decisions don’t sit well with everyone.

As the week begins, Jenny decides to confide in Owen about the pub’s financial struggles. Owen suggests that selling the Rovers might be a viable option, but Jenny is resolute in her decision to keep it and makes it clear that selling is not on the table.

Enter Stephen, who comes up with an alternative plan. He proposes reducing portion sizes to cut costs, rather than increasing prices. Intrigued by this idea, Jenny decides to give it a shot and introduces the new hot pot portions to the regulars. However, not everyone is pleased with the changes, and tensions start to rise among the customers.

Amidst the chaos, an unexpected incident occurs when there’s a loud bang from the kitchen, causing the lights to go out. This mysterious event leaves everyone baffled and adds to the pub’s already tense atmosphere.

Later, Jenny shares her new approach with Daisy and Glenda. Heeding Stephen’s advice once again, she decides to increase bar prices and room rental to generate more revenue. However, this decision doesn’t go down well with the staff, who are shocked to discover that their shifts are being cut. The customers are equally unimpressed with the price hike, leading to further complications for Jenny.

Meanwhile, Gemma takes up a job working for Harry Newton, but she decides to keep it a secret from Chesney, claiming she’ll be in a different department. However, when Chesney spots Gemma getting into Henry’s car, he can’t help but feel suspicious and concerned about her actions. How will Chesney react when he discovers the truth?

On another front, Sean tries to promote Darts Night at the Rovers by handing out flyers, but much to Jenny’s disappointment, no one turns up to participate. Feeling utterly deflated and desperate, Jenny confides in Daisy about the pub’s dire situation, revealing that they may be only weeks away from closing for good.

With the Rovers’ future hanging in the balance, tensions rise, secrets are exposed, and tough decisions must be made. Will Jenny be able to turn things around and save the beloved pub, or is this the end of an era for the Rovers Return?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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