Theo’s confidence soars as he seals a new job and plans a celebratory evening with Stacey at No.31. Little do they know, their joyous occasion will take a sinister turn. Eve and Martin, however, stumble upon shocking revelations that leave them stunned — Theo’s disturbing connection to Stacey’s past as a relentless stalker is confirmed.

Unaware of the danger, Stacey dedicates herself to caring for Lily.

Meanwhile, Theo seizes the opportunity to intercept Martin’s cautionary messages to Stacey, desperate to maintain his grip on the situation. The tension escalates further as Theo cunningly conceals Stacey’s phone, leaving her isolated and vulnerable.

As panic sets in, Stacey races against time to get rid of Theo from her home. However, chaos ensues as Lily unexpectedly goes into labor, and Jean rushes to her aid. With the ambulance delayed, Jean and Lily face the daunting task of delivering the baby at home.

Amid the labor drama, Stacey ventures into the kitchen for supplies, only to be confronted by a furious Theo. The once-celebratory atmosphere quickly turns into a nightmarish situation as Theo corners Stacey, trapping her in the kitchen.

As Stacey fights to escape Theo’s clutches, an oblivious Jean is by Lily’s side, offering her unwavering support throughout the tense labor.

Will Stacey manage to break free from Theo’s grip and save herself from his sinister intentions? Can Jean deliver Lily’s baby safely?

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday September 4 on BBC One

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