Lily’s Parenting Struggles:
At a Slater family dinner, Lily grapples with her frustrations towards baby Charli, leading to a meltdown over her maternal abilities. Seeking solace, Kat shares her own experiences, reassuring Lily with Stacey’s support. However, Lily remains uncertain under mounting pressure.

Whitney and Zack’s Fostering Assessment:
During a meeting with social worker Jan, Whitney confronts her traumatic past, including Tony King’s abuse, fearing it may impact their chances of fostering. Later, Jan approves them for the next stage, believing in their potential to provide for foster children.

Rocky and Kathy’s Strained Living Situation:
Rocky attempts to rekindle romance with Kathy, organizing a picnic at the car lot. However, Kathy’s anger flares as she learns of their strained finances. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Rocky decides to take drastic measures.

Freddie’s Confrontation with His Dark Past:
Freddie receives a troubling friend request from ‘Graham Foster’ and confronts his father about the past. The encounter leaves Freddie shaken, struggling with his connection to such a remorseless figure. Tensions escalate, leading to a confrontation at The Vic.

Stacey’s Battle Against Theo:
Stacey gears up for her Stalking Protection Order hearing against Theo. Confronting him, she heads to court after seeing damning posters he’s spread across the Square. However, the court proceedings take an unexpected turn as Stacey’s character is attacked, leading to a moment of reckoning. The magistrate’s decision sends shockwaves, while Theo remains resolute in his pursuit of Stacey.

Callum Caught in Ben and Jay’s Conflict:
Callum finds himself caught in the crossfire of Ben and Jay’s feud. Ben’s frustration with Jay’s disappearances creates tension. Attempting to offer support, Callum reaches out to Jay, who insists he’s simply making new connections. A chance encounter with Nadine amuses Callum, even when she attempts to flirt despite learning he’s a police detective. However, when Callum witnesses Jay and Nadine together, concern mounts. The question remains: will he confide in Ben?

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 2nd October on BBC One

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