Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 on BBC One at 7:30pm

Suki wants to cause problems for Ravi. When the police question her about Nugget’s disappearance, she says there were issues at home. Ravi blames Denise for stirring things up with PC Nash, but she tells him some hard truths.

Nish steps in and tells Suki to treat Ravi as if he were her own child.

Meanwhile, Cindy reminds George and Elaine that she still wants a share in the bar. George invites Cindy and Ian over to discuss it. When alone with George, Cindy becomes manipulative.

Elsewhere, Martin realizes that Theo is causing trouble. Billy receives explicit pictures that appear to be from Stacey. Martin confronts Theo, but the stalker threatens to call the police.


  • Aaron Thiara as Ravi Gulati
  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale
  • Angela Wynter as Yolande Trueman
  • Balvinder Sopal as Suki Panesar
  • Bobby Brazier as Freddie Slater
  • Clair Norris as Bernadette Taylor
  • Clay Milner Russell as Bobby Beale
  • Colin Salmon as George Knight
  • Diane Parish as Denise Fox
  • Emma Barton as Honey Mitchell
  • Francesca Henry as Gina Knight
  • Harriet Thorpe as Elaine Peacock
  • James Bye as Martin Fowler
  • James Farrar as Zack Hudson
  • Lacey Turner as Stacey Slater
  • Michelle Collins as Cindy Beale
  • Molly Rainford as Anna Knight
  • Navin Chowdhry as Nish Panesar
  • Owen Guerin as PC Nash
  • Perry Fenwick as Billy Mitchell
  • Rudolph Walker as Patrick Trueman
  • Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean
  • Thomas Law as Peter Beale
  • William Ellis as Theo Hawthorne

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