Monday, October 23rd, 2023 on BBC One at 7:30pm

Jay wakes up feeling ill and regretful after a night of drinking and taking drugs. Billy senses that something is wrong and tries to support Jay. However, Jay doesn’t mention what really happened with Nadine. Billy is heartbroken by Jay’s turmoil and tries to bring the family together at The Vic, but things take a turn for the worse when Ben unknowingly reveals the truth about Nadine in front of Lexi. Lexi is shocked and leaves abruptly, with the rest of the family following her and shunning Jay.

George, Anna, and Gina reminisce about the past when items from the bar are delivered to The Vic. Cindy tries to join them, but her emotions get the better of her. George kindly invites her back once she’s ready, but Cindy shows her true colors by arguing with Elaine outside The Vic, much to the shock of George and Anna, who dismiss her once again.

Sharon is puzzled by Reiss’ unconventional birthday present of a “Make Your Own Will” kit, which makes her think about her own future.

Suki and Priya clash due to their different values, constantly trying to outdo each other. Priya attempts to get Nish on her side by flirting with him while they go shopping for clothes, which surprises Suki when she sees Nish’s new look.


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