Pobol y Cwm spoilers: Tuesday 31st March – Thursday 2nd April 2020

Please note from this week onwards, S4C will only be showing two episodes of Pobol y Cwm per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wythnos yma ar Pobol y Cwm…

Ceisia Hywel helpu Ffion wrth iddi ddod i wybod y gwir reswm am ei salwch. Ond aiff pethau o ddrwg i waeth wrth iddi wrthod cymorth Hywel a’i feio am bopeth.

Cwestiyna Eileen ymddygiad amheus Adrian wrth iddo fynnu dychwelyd i Gaerdydd ar unwaith.

(Picture: S4C)

This week on Pobol y Cwm…

Hywel tries to help Ffion after finding out the real reason behind her illness. The situation escalates as she refuses Hywel’s support and blames him for everything.

Eileen questions Adrian’s odd behaviour as he insists he must return to Cardiff immediately.

(Picture: S4C)

Pobol y Cwm airs on S4C at 8:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday this week with a catch-up on BBC Iplayer and Clic.

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