Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 13th July – Friday 17th July 2020

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MONDAY 13th July

YASMEEN IS STUNNED BY GEOFF’S NEXT MOVE On the phone Geoff tells Yasmeen that he loves her and is willing to forgive her and drop the charges if she agrees to be his wife again. How will Yasmeen react? Geoff calls at the police station and tells the officer that he’d like to retract his statement and drop all charges against Yasmeen. The officer explains that it’s up to the CPS.

IS TOYAH’S DREAM OVER After Josie leaves, Leanne declares that listening to her has made her realise that they need to make Oliver’s life the best it can be for as long as possible and that she intends to take Oliver to Cornwall after all, as a holiday will do him good and his happiness is her top priority. Imran tentatively broaches the subject of fostering with Nick and explains how they’ve put their plans on hold so as not to upset Leanne. With Nick’s encouragement, Toyah reveals her fostering plans to Leanne. Leanne admits the timing isn’t great but assures her she has her blessing.

ABI HAS TO SAY GOODBYE In the garage, Kevin breaks the news to Abi that the twins are emigrating to Australia. Abi’s knocked for six.

AGGIE PLAYS CUPID Aggie meets up with Grace and implores her to think twice before ending her relationship with Michael as he really cares about her. Aggie takes Grace back to No.3 and makes herself scarce.

ELSEWHERE When Gary calls in the factory and announces he’s jacking up the rent, Sarah’s furious. Laura explains to Adam how Rick sends her money via his minions, and she doesn’t ask questions. When Sarah mentions Gary’s outrageous rent demands, Adam is given food for thought.


ALYA FEARS GEOFF MAY WIN YASMEEN BACK As Alya and Imran, Tim and Faye all to make sense of Geoff trying to retract his statement against Yasmeen. Alya is shocked when Yasmeen calls her from prison and tells her that this latest twist makes her think that Geoff is genuinely sorry for everything. Alya’s horrified to realise Yasmeen is considering taking him back.

ABI CAN’T FACE A FAREWELL Kevin urges Abi to meet up with the twins one last time before they leave for Australia or she’ll live to regret it. Abi breaks the news to Seb that the twins are moving to Australia. Clearly shocked, Seb heads off to phone social services. Seb tells Abi that the adoptive parents are happy for them to meet with the twins and say their goodbyes. What will Abi do?

NICK SEES AN OPPORTUNITY Carla calls in the factory and admits to Nick that she’s bored of pulling pints and feels it’s time she got back into the business. Nick tells her he might be able to help her.

ELSEWHERE Gary turns up at the factory to discuss his rent demands. Adam tells Gary it’s obvious he’s involved in some dodgy deal and that’s why he’s desperate for the cash. When Peter reports that Carla’s in the doghouse with Tracy for buying Amy some expensive trainers, Scott’s quick to criticise him for not taking the rap for Carla. When Adam refuses to mind Bertie as he’s too busy, Daniel’s bitterly disappointed as he’s desperate to see Nicky again.

Friday 17th July

KEVIN PROMISES TO BE ABI’S FAMILY Kevin asks Abi to move in with him and Jack. She is delighted but Seb is angry that she has moved on so quickly from her own kids to Kevin’s.

GEOFF MANIPULATES YASMEEN AGAIN Handing her a contraband phone, Yasmeen’s friend Lucie urges her to call Geoff and show him who’s boss. Yasmeen admits she’s scared. Geoff’s shocked when Yasmeen calls from prison. Geoff promises Yasmeen that when she comes home, things will be different and he’ll seek professional help. Yasmeen ends the call, unsure what to believe.

ADAM GETS CLOSER TO THE TRUTH Gary continues to insist on a 30% rent hike for the factory meanwhile Adam sweet talks Laura into telling her how she gets the money from Rick. When Laura shows him the key to her safety deposit box, he secretly takes a picture of it on his phone.

CARLA IS BACK IN CHARGE In the factory, Carla announces that Nick has asked her to step in while he takes some time off to look after Oliver. The factory girls are shocked to realise Carla is once more their boss. Carla casts her expert eye over the new lease and tells Sarah to leave Gary to her.

ELSEWHERE With Leanne off work Adam persuades Daniel to do some of her hours as it’s time he started earning again. Daniel reluctantly agrees. A suspicious Peter canvasses Jenny’s opinion of Scott and wonders what his history with Johnny is. Still hacked off at Johnny’s absence, Jenny insists her only concern is that Scott remains the model B&B guest who pays his bill promptly.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 on ITV.

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