Emmerdale is lining up their a character for the chop next week when Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) takes a life. Who is it? and will she get away with it?

Could it be Leanna who is already planning to leave the village?

Mimi Slinger explains all:

Why does Leanna want to leave the village and go travelling?

Leanna has just finished college and is at a crossroads, deciding what the future may hold. Leanna has had to grow up quite quickly due to her life circumstances and never says no to an adventure. She has lived in the village for 3 years and wants to explore the world. Travelling seems to be the most exciting choice for her at the moment.

How does Leanna feel about Jacob having returned?  

Leanna has struggled with the lack of communication from Jacob whilst he’s been away in Portugal. She has certainly had her head turned by Billy but Jacob and Leanna’s connection seems deeper than that. Leanna is hoping they can work through their difficulties… There’s a lot to sort out.

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Would Leanna like them to get back together?

Deep down, of course she would but they do have a lot to work out. Jacob has a very special place in her heart.

Liam gifts Leanna Meena’s backpack unaware there are some personal possessions in there and it seems Meena wants her possessions back. How does Leanna react when Meena turns up in her room?

She’s certainly unsure as to how Meena has gotten into her house or why she’s there. But Leanna is someone who enjoys being nosey and prying. She is intrigued at what possessions could be so valuable that Meena needs to turn up out of nowhere. Will she find out?

Should Leanna be worried about Meena?

Meena and Leanna have built somewhat of a relationship and Leanna certainly does not question her behaviour. She is comfortable on a level with Meena.

Does she realise just how deranged she is?

Leanna seems to be completely oblivious to Meena’s dark side. She is usually quite cautious with people but no alarm bells have gone off concerning Meena.

We know Meena takes a victim this week. Could this be it for Leanna? 

Leanna has her whole life ahead of her. What a tragedy if it was to be taken away so cruelly. There are numerous people who could meet their harrowing end this week. Yes, Leanna could definitely be one of them.

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