You gotta hand it to Emmerdale who played a blinder for once and actually pulled off a genuinely great performance. With Meena (Paige Sandhu) and Leanna (Mimi Slinger) taking center stage the warning signs were flashing like a neon beacon that it was time up for the teenager who came a cropper after being pushed off the humpbacked bridge.

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With the possibility there may be another death to come Meena may just be warming up but Mimi Slinger who played Leanna was delighted with her exit stating: I had taken the decision to leave the Dales and I was so looking forward to hearing how the producers were going to engineer my exit. When Jane Hudson told me about my storyline, I have to say that I was shocked but so excited to be given the opportunity to be challenged and show my acting abilities. Of course, it is a very sad storyline and has been very emotional for me! 

What was it like filming such intense scenes?

I really enjoyed filming the scenes – those with my on-screen father, Jonny, were incredibly emotional. There were lots of tears but I actually enjoyed having the opportunity to challenge myself. The scenes with Meena, played by Paige were emotional and dramatic at the same time. Paige is great at playing a bit of a psycho – it was actually quite scary!

Was it difficult to film with covid restrictions in place?

In order to film the scenes the best we could, we had to be closer than the social distancing rules would allow. Both Paige and I decided to form a “bubble” and we had to isolate for a few days in a hotel and have regular Covid tests to make sure that we were okay prior to filming. I was allowed to bring my mum with me to keep me company – thank goodness! On the shoot days, we were driven to and from set in a pre-fogged car, and had to stay in our dressing rooms unless on set and travel back and remain in our hotel rooms until the scenes were complete. I really feel it was necessary to make the scenes feel as real and raw as possible.

What’s next for Mimi?

Well, this industry is very uncertain! I am very keen to pursue other acting opportunities. Fingers crossed for anything in the pipeline. I definitely want to keep acting, I absolutely love it and can’t see myself not doing it! I would love to do something with my music too, as I am a singer and songwriter. I have also recently started modelling and have already done some fantastic, fun jobs. I do love it and am learning a lot.

Emmerdale continues Friday at 7pm on ITV where Leanna’s lifeless body is discovered in the stream.

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