Back from their trip to the city, Rose & Tex return to Summer Bay loved up. Xander is wary of their fast-growing connection, considering Rose’s admission of love for Cash. But Xander is staying true to his word and keeping out of Rose’s business. Still, he can’t help but smile at Rose’s newfound happiness.

A concerned Felicity confronts Cash about his connection with Eden. Why were they hugging? Cash is defensive, declaring he & Eden are just friends now. But Felicity warns Cash to be careful. Overhearing, Irene advises Cash to tell Jasmine & Eden about each other to avoid any accusations of secrecy. Rose overhears this, and oversteps, sending Cash into a rage. Coming to his sister’s defence, Xander tells Cash to keep a cool on his temper. An encircled Cash feels like everyone is making his life their business. When Cash explodes, Tex gets in the way and it seems the two men are going to brawl before they are pulled apart. Felicity is shocked – what has gotten into Cash? A despondent Cash confesses that he’s missing Jasmine like crazy. It seems like his whole life is falling apart without her.

Rose checks in with Tex after the scuffle with Cash. Apologetic, Tex feels he overstepped. But Rose is grateful that he tried to defend her…even though she doesn’t need defending. The couple seem to be in a good place, despite the tension around them.

At the gym, Tex pokes his head around the office, looking around. He focusses on a photo of Mia & Ari. Why is Tex snooping?

An apprehensive Ziggy gets a good news call from the apprenticeship board: she’s been approved to supervise Theo’s apprenticeship. Dean is happy for her, but Ziggy wants to be sure she can juggle all the responsibility. Delivering the good news to Theo, Ziggy is wrapped in a spontaneous hug. It’s smiles all round, but Ziggy wants to be sure that Theo is committed to his apprenticeship before he agrees. Justin takes the back seat as Ziggy takes control of Theo’s apprenticeship with utter enthusiasm. Theo is impressed by her investment and preparation. Ziggy is giving this apprenticeship supervision her absolute best and it shows. Justin marvels at Ziggy’s preparation – she’s way outshining Justin.

Alone, Tex shows up at an industrial warehouse. The place is teeming with leather-clad bikers. Many greet Tex with familiarity. One man addresses Tex as the Sergeant in Arms and asks for information. Tex produces the photo of Mia & Ari from the gym, and winks that he’s got the local cop on side. The man is pleased – now they’ve found the man who stole his money. Are bikies coming after the Parata family?

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