Flustered about tonight’s gig, Felicity orders Cash to come. Not knowing what he’s agreeing to, Cash says he’ll be there. Tane assures a fretting Felicity that if she managed Poker nights, she can manage a totally legal band night. But what if nobody comes?

Ziggy & Mackenzie dress to the nines in anticipation for the gig. Dean marvels at Ziggy’s outfit – looking good. Ziggy is impressed by Mackenzie’s new hands-off approach to business. She’s really handed over the reins with this band night. Mackenzie is embracing this new era of Salt and herself.

The band kicks off with a BANG. The music is great, the crowd is pumping, the drinks are flowing. Mackenzie is loving it, it’s a total success. Felicity is finally at ease – she pulled it off! Tane is proud of her, he knew she could do it.

A startled Cash realises that the band is Lyrik and backtracks. Dean convinces Cash to stay and have a beer, bemused as to his reluctance. On edge, Cash complains that Felicity should have told him that Lyrik was playing. Felicity is confused – but he loves this band? Just as Cash tries to escape, Eden leaps off the stage onto Cash, wrapping her legs around him. Cash is caught in the headlights. What is the history between these two? Felicity’s amusement quickly turns to dismay. Why is Cash overreacting to Eden being in town? Felicity knows Cash used to have a thing for her, but that’s ancient history. A frantic Cash worries, what if someone had seen Eden jump on him like that? What would Jasmine think? Felicity thinks Cash is being melodramatic, that’s just Eden’s style, she didn’t mean any harm. But clearly Eden’s flirtatiousness is a problem for Cash. Eden is surprised – Cash clearly isn’t as keen on her anymore.

With Dean on the sidelines, Ziggy is tearing up the dancefloor. She catches the attention of Remi, the lead guitarist, who jumps down off the stage to perform a guitar solo for her. Dean watches on, jealousy brewing. Who does this guy think he is? At the bar, Dean has a stern word with Remi – Ziggy is a taken woman, so don’t lay a finger on her. Remi is amused but accepts Dean’s warning. Eager to woo Ziggy himself, Dean gives her a steamy kiss and suggests they get out of there. Reading his mood, Ziggy grins, happy to be romanced by a jealous Dean.

A giddy Mackenzie & Felicity celebrate the band night success. Happy to be eating humble pie, Mackenzie admits that Felicity was right – the band night was a great idea to relaunch Salt. They toast to a new beginning as business partners.

Tane questions the romantic history between Cash & Eden. Felicity brushes off the suggestion, but Tane points out Cash’s rattled reaction. Something clicks and Felicity confronts Eden – what happened between them in the past? Eden admits that she slept with Cash. Felicity is furious, knowing how much Cash held a flame for Eden. Eden could have broken his heart. An outraged Felicity warns Eden not to interfere in Cash’s life – Jasmine is the best thing in it.

Taking heed of Felicity’s advice, Eden apologises to Cash for hurting him in the past. Charmed by her honesty, Cash accepts her offer to be mates. They share a warm hug which Felicity clocks from a distance with alarm. What is going on between Cash & Eden?

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