Monday 27th February 2023

Noah begrudgingly agrees to give a smug Samson another £2000 bribe to keep him away from Amelia and Esther. Sam and Lydia are pleased when Pollard informs them that he’s not going to make a statement. Sam’s later left concerned when Pollard tells him that in order to pay off his dues, he’ll work for him unpaid.

Leyla’s moved by Jai’s kindness as he checks on her after the news of her decree nisi. Leyla misinterprets Jai’s warmth as she leans in to kiss him. Jai’s mortified as he realises that Laurel’s spotted them. As Laurel storms off, Jai despairs.

Tuesday 28th February 2023

Paddy’s facade crumbles as he is left utterly bereft and broken. Suzy agrees to step in and support Leyla.

(No Wednesday Episode)

Thursday 2nd March 2023

As Paddy goes about his day seemingly making amends with family and friends. Unbeknownst to them all Paddy is saying his veiled goodbyes. Later, with Paddy having gone, Bear makes the horrifying discovery of the letter. Helpless Marlon is distressed as everyone scrambles to go and find Paddy.

Naomi arranges a drink with Alex; oblivious to the trouble that she’s getting herself into.

Matty fails to hide his inner conflict when he asks Amy if sole custody of Kyle is the best thing for him.

Amy tries to stay strong for terrified Kyle ahead of his hearing. Feeling powerless ahead of his son’s hearing, Cain strong arms his way into Keepers to see Kyle, leaving Amy fuming at his intrusion. Seeing how important it is for Cain and Kyle to share a moment, Caleb persuades Amy to relent. Everyone is left on tenterhooks when Kyle’s solicitor phones with big news.

Mary’s chuffed when she receives a message from Faye asking for them to meet up again.

Friday 3rd March 2023

When Rhona delivers the appalling news about the missing bolt gun from the Vet surgery the reality of what he is doing is all too worrying as they hope they can find him in time.

Amy spontaneously proposes to Matty. Moira’s delighted to hear about Amy’s proposal from Matty, however she can’t help noticing his unease and Matty confesses his fear that the proposal was part of Amy’s plan to get full custody of Kyle. Moira rages at Matty’s news regarding Amy’s custody intentions. Later, Moira desperately tries to calm Cain as he bangs on Amy’s door, desperate to shout the odds over her plan to get full custody of Kyle.

Dawn’s utterly thrown to see Alex and Naomi flirting outside the cafe and Charles is taken aback to see Naomi and Alex on a date; he’s worried about what she’s getting herself into.

Rodney can’t help flirting with glamorous Mary as she waits for her date. As her rendezvous with Faye progresses, Mary finds herself totally enamoured.

Emmerdale normally airs at 7:30pm on ITV1 – this week there is 2 hour-long episodes on Thursday and Friday, no Wednesday episode and the Tuesday episode airs at 7pm.