The tension in Weatherfield rises as Spider faces a life-changing decision. In an intense meeting with his superintendent, he learns about a new job opportunity that comes with a catch: relocating to a new place with a completely new identity. The offer promises protection from none other than the vengeful Griff, who is thirsting for revenge. But will Spider agree to the mysterious offer and leave everything behind?


A secret picnic sends ripples of gossip throughout Weatherfield when Shona accidentally lets slip to Sabrina that Max has been up to something. Little does Shona know that Max has been having a clandestine picnic with none other than Lauren. The revelation leaves Sabrina absolutely fuming when she catches the two sharing a meal together. What’s Max’s real motive behind keeping this secret, and what will Sabrina do about it?

Meanwhile, Lauren discloses a shocking revelation to Max during their covert picnic. Her father, who is behind bars, wants her to pay him a visit in prison. How will Max handle this unexpected revelation, and will he support Lauren in confronting her father?


As the week nears its end, Max and Lauren embark on their emotional journey to the prison. Facing the weight of the situation, Max decides to come clean with Sabrina about his actions. He opens up about supporting Lauren during her visit to her incarcerated father. But the prison visit takes an unexpected turn when Max encounters someone unsettling – Reece. The encounter leaves Max on edge as Reece reveals shocking details about Griff’s coercion to participate in criminal activities, even threatening Lauren’s life. Now, Max finds himself in a difficult position as they expect him to make a false statement to help reduce Reece’s sentence.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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